Looking through some old photos on my computer and found my foundation portfolio. I thought it was at least worth a blog as I spent so long on it, and my friends on foundation are all preparing they're portfolios for interviews now too so an appropriate time to blog this I guess. I redesigned my folio for my last interview for St Martins, and the idea was for something more playful with elements of type, so I ended up creating a sculptural design where you can slot the work together to create towers of varying sizes. On the reverse of the work were letters that once the folio was built in the right way would spell 'port' 'folio'. I was proud at the time, but it didnt get me into St Martins, an now when I look back on it i think it was a failure, I dont think it works as a sculptural piece, or as a working portfolio as it was quite heavy an bulky once displayed.