Spent one of the weeks of easter break doing an internship at Lovenskate, a small very friendly print based studio based in Bethnal Green. First thankyou to my friend John who got me the internship, and also a big thankyou to Stu, Lil, Dan, Andrew and everyone I met at the Mangle, for making me feel welcome and letting me come work with you guys. I managed to learn quite a lot in the week I was there, was really good to see a print maker in action. Stu even let me print 50 two colour prints of the 'real men skate curbs' design, which are up on the site. The studio had a great vibe to it, really laid back while still being productive, and loads of mess which is always a good thing. On the last day I customised an easter egg lovenskate style for Stu as a thankyou, despite it being well sketchy he liked it enough to put it on there site, which is awesum. Thanks again Lovenskate.