Me an my flatmate Xavi had won a competition to do the branding for the Xhibit exhibition that happened this year with UAL. We started with the basic concept of creating a constelation of all the universitys campuses, with the other stars being all the art galleries in London, found and plotted by typing 'art gallery' on google maps, to put into conext our universitys showing that they are the brightest stars in the art world. We began by making an image for the myarts webpage link, which was influenced by old star maps and constalation drawings, then we moved onto the flyers, which were a set of four that could be put together to make a poster. The idea was to have each flyer distributed in different universitys, so the segments with 'Camberwell' written around the circle would be distriubuted there an so on becasue we wanted the flyers to make a dialogue between people comparing them to see they were different and creating the star map from themselves (but didnt happen thanks to UAL's distribution).
The posters were next which used the same visual language but with an added circle (an outlined circle) which was used as a type of key showing students geographically where the exhibition was to take place. Quite happy with the poster probably the best thing we did for it.

The last thing was the flyer where we tried to mkae something more valuable as a piece of design than just a flyer. Ended up creating a template for an origami balloon, which was to become a celestrial star map by using our original star map imagery. Im happy with the catalogue looking like a poster on both sides, and the idea that once the star map is created everything is contained within it, and I like the diagrams we made, but the actual globe is more sqaure than circle which is a shame. Also UAL seemed to go crazy at the exhibition an do random posters on the window that we didnt design, that looked pretty bad. All in all it was a good exprience, I learned a lot and it was lovely to work with my friend Xavi, a lot of thanks to him for helping me out and teaching me about computers along the way.