This post is so late. Before I went home for the holidays I took part in the Bazaar Christmas market at the Barbican, with some friends from my course. The theme for the event was everything you sold had to be three pounds or under. With this as our starting point we decided to make things to sell based on the number three. I made a three colour screen print based on the indian god Brahmā who is part of the Trimurti, which is a group of three gods. I changed it so the god has three heads instead of four to keep with the idea. With the print I also made some A5 colour on colour cards to sell and give away with the screen print. Was a great day and somehow managed to sell all 20 prints. My friend Scott sold out too with his sweet Xmas cards based on the three wise men. Hopefully going to make make the other two gods an have an indian god print series, just need some time.