So this was my first brief at Camberwell. Its taken me a while to put my projects up, but im trying to put them all up in order so heres the first. The Brief was to work in groups and navigate the university, collecting as much information about the building as possible. We then had to visually represent the information as a map or set of signs for the university. These are some inital sketches I did for our idea.

We agreed to have quite an abstract visual language for the map, so by isolating the shapes of the rooms at Camberwell, from an actual floorplan, we were able to do so, with an adition of colour elevating this idea. In order to actually read the map we decided on using the floor plan layout as a type of key which could be overlaid on each page of the map, to show the room in relation to the building. These are some pictures of the first prototype, made from card in A4, with each room cut out of so the second colour card sheet comes through revealing the shape.

We then started to look at different materials and sizes, and ended up creating a key out of white foam. This went with our playful aesthetic, and idea of keys and puzzles, but also made the key both durable and distinguishable as something other than another shape/room of the university. For our final prototype we scaled it down to A5, kept the colour card, with a foam key, colour coded each floor of the building, and also used a tab system to navigate the building. We decided to map the most important spaces of the college for all students as a whole, so places everyone can go to like the library or canteen. We also personalised it with the slogan 'where can I?' with the answers on the tab, mirroring a common question new students ask upon arrival to the university. We still need to bind it properly (maybe two different binds, one for the rooms and one for the key, for ease of use) and we would like the entire type laser cut to go with the cut out aesthetic. The font is Helvetica.